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Target more clear.

Passed a man at Target… he was walking with a young woman, maybe 26 or 7. And another guy, probably the same age as the girl. But as I passed them the guy said what I really felt like was to me, ” It’s not that big of a deal”. My first immediate thought wasn’t to whom he was speaking, but rather, the man really had a point. It’s not that big of a deal.

9 questions.

How hard will it be to survive a whole postseason without your closer? Who is the number 2 starter? Going to be able to outclub the Rangers? How about a number 3 starter? Scared of a hot Fielder or Cabrera, maybe at the same time? 25 mil at 3B for this? Wouldn’t call the bullpen stellar, would you? Do you think you’ll get bored?

Just a few questions for the New York Yankees.

Cubs Then, Now, Later

12-5 in the last 17 games is enough to at least start hoping.  Not for this year obviously, but next and the following years.  Here’s to Theo and his team.  I’m waiting, and I’m ready.